Cardio Power and Resistance Review

The Insanity Workout program focuses on intense cardio, so naturally the third day of the Insanity Workout Schedule is “Cardio Power and Resistance”.  By the time you get to this Insanity Workout your body will be pretty sore from the previous two days of the Insanity Fit Test and Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  But, don’t let that discourage you… if anything this should help you realize that the Insanity Workout is not for the feint of hearts.  But, if you want a ripped body and flat abs it will take some hardwork.

What Does Cardio Power and Resistance Entail?

This workout is about 40 minutes of Max-Interval-Training of good solid Cardio.  “Cardio” basically means an exercise that involves aerobic exercise that works your cardiovascular system.  Cardio Power and Resistance will get your heart racing so it is important to use a heart rate monitor.

Quick Tips for Cardio Power and Resistance

1.  Rest When Needed:  Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance is an intense workout so make sure you go at your own pace.  Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success.  Its perfectly normal to push pause or rest in between sets.  You have to remember that the people in the video have already completed the 60 day workout program so naturally they are use to the intensity.

2.  Check Your Heart Rate:  Heart Rate monitors help you evaluate when you’re body is at its peak performance, but it can also help you identify if you are overexerting yourself.

3.  Warm-up and Stretch:  The Insanity Workout program always starts with a good warm-up and stretch routine.  Warm-up and stretching helps prevent injuries and helps loosen up your muscles to prepare for Cardio Power and Resistance training.

4.  Keep Your Core Tight:  Your “core” is your ab muscles.  It is important to keep your abs tight as it will help support your lower back from injury and strain.  This will also help keep your body balanced and strengthen your mid-section.

5.  Land Softly When Jumping:  Cardio Power and Resistance training involves some jump exercises.  Make sure you land softly and land with your knees bent to absorb the impact.  Some of the jump exercises can be considered high impact.  If you have weak knees make sure you do modified movements to lessen the impact.

6.  Breathe Consistently:  Make sure while exercising to keep a consistent breathing pattern.  This helps get oxygen to your muscles and prevents cramping.

Cardio Power and Resistance Warm-up: 10 minutes

1.  Jog in Place – jogging in place will help warm-up your legs, arms and get your heart pumping.

2.  Power Jacks – this is a modified jumping jack this “half jumping-jack, half squat”

3.  Log Jumps – this warm-up exercise is exactly as it sounds.  Imagine yourself jumping over a log from side to side.

4.  123 Heisman – if anyone has ever watched NFL Football then you would know where the terminology Heisman comes from.  This exercise involves balancing on one leg while the other leg raises the knee.

5.  Butt Kicks – this is another jogging in place exercise but focusing on extending your feet to kick your butt.

6.  High Knees – jog in place but focus on lifting your knees as high as you can to the front of your body.

7.  Vertical Jumps – this exercise will help warm up your legs to prepare for the impact of the jumping exercises.

Equipment for Cardio Power and Resistance

1.  Towel: to wipe off sweat and keep the floor dry

2.  Water Bottle: to keep proper hydration

3.  Cross-Training Shoes: to provide proper support

4.  Workout Clothes: preferable shorts and T-shirts that are drt-fit

5.  Heart Rate Monitor: to get your body to the right heart rate to get optimal results.

6.  DVD and TV: or Laptop computer to play the Insanity Fit Test Video

Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance Review

The Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance workout is what Insanity is all about.  Everything you see in the infomercials is true.  High intense cardio with minimal rest.  The good news is the workout is about 40 minutes long, which consists of about 10 minute warm-up and also 10 minute stretching.  So basically the workout is only about 17 minutes long and 3 minute cool down routine.

The hardest exercise in this routine is the “Power Jumps” if you have weak knees make sure you do a modified movement like calf raise into a squat. This will help minimize injuries until your legs strengthen.  There is some resistance training that trains your triceps and shoulders.  The shoulder exercises are angled “V-pushups” that will help you build your shoulder muscles.  The Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance workout is repeated several times during the first month.  But, after you complete you will definitely feel a sense of accomplishment because it is unlike any cardio workout you have done before.

Did you complete the Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance training?

If so, share your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below.  Keep it going all you Insanity Workout Fanatics!

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