Focus T25 Workout Review Day 11 Cardio

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 11 Cardio: It’s amazing how working out for 25 minutes a day can really change my day.  I have more energy, I’ve completely stopped drinking coffee (actually I still drink some because I like the taste), but what I mean is I don’t need coffee to get me fired up for the day.  I am sleeping like a bear hybernating for the winter… and I feel more better when I look in the mirror.

There are a couple big events coming up in the Spring and Summer to include a wedding and a trip to Orlando.  I wanted to be able to get in shape so that I can fit well in my clothes and finally get some definition in my body.

The thing I still struggle with on a daily basis is “What to eat?”  I’ve noticed that my metabolism is getting faster because I’m always hungry.  I’m trying not to reach for unhealthy snacks, but rather stuff like fruits, protein shakes, trail-mix, etc.

One thing that’s helped me stay on track is I block off certain times of the day to workout.  On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I work out at 8am, and on Tuesday and Thursday I workout on 12pm.  I make sure I don’t schedule any appointments, phone calls, meetings, etc during these times.  This allows me to not have an excuse not to push play and workout to T25.  So far this routine is workout out pretty good.  Thanks for everyone who has been leaving comments and encouraging me to not only keep workout but also keep blogging.  Hope you find this journal helpful.

Focus T25 Day 10 Speed 1.0

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 11 Cardio

Almost half way through T25 Alpha and I must say what a difference I feel in compared to day 1 of doing this same workout routine.  I remember day 1 I felt like I was going to die.  I could barely do any of the movements and I had to do all modified movements.  I was completely sore the next day and felt discouraged.  But, I’m happy to say that after completing today’s workout was not bad at all.  For the first time I was able to keep up with the video, I was able to do most of the workout without using modified movements, and I don’t feel sore afterwards.

What’s great about these workouts is after awhile you start to memorize the routine so you’re not able to do the movements but you’re also able to keep up with the cadence.  I remember thinking how uncoordinated I was the first week, but now I feel like I’m in the studio with Shaun T.  I still work up a sweat but not like in the beginning.

I think there will come a point where I need to do additional workouts to get the same amount of calorie burns.  I remember reading in P90X that you’re body gets use to the workouts so they become less effective.  I know this will change when I start the 2nd month of T25 Beta where I will be introduced to different and harder workouts.  So far feeling good that I’ve been able to stick with the program this far.  I’ve just been focusing on taking things day by day and not be obsessed with the weight scale.  Another day completed.  T25 Cardio NAILED IT!

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