Focus T25 Workout Review Day 17 Lower Focus

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 17 Lower Focus:  I’ve found that it’s getting harder and harder to do a workout 5 days a week.  I’m averaging 3 days a week now… basically working out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It’s no longer the physical challenge that gets in the way, but rather the mental challenge and disciplining myself to stick to the routine.

Since fitness hasn’t been part of my everyday life for the past 6 years… I’m slowly slipping back to my old habits.  I get the urges to want to eat fast-food and sleep-in in the morning versus working out.  But, at the same time I feel myself challenging myself saying… NO!  Don’t go backwards… you’ve worked hard to get to this point and you have to finish the program.

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 16 Speed 1.0

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 17 Lower Focus

The workouts are getting easier… which means my body is getting stronger and adapting to the workout program.  I notice that my flexibility in my legs is better.  I can do more push-ups and can hold my legs at six-inches which is something I couldn’t do well before.

It’s funny how things are… I always thought that the biggest struggle was going to be the workout.  But, lately I haven’t found the biggest struggle is being motivated.  After the first week the excitement of starting this workout routine is wearing off.  The video workouts are not new… instead it’s the same thing over and over each day.

I can’t wait for this Alpha cycle to end so I can move on to Beta.  My body is ready for the challenge and mentally I think I need it to so that I can do some new routines.

I can start to slowly see some results.  I see my belly getting slimmer and my arms and shoulders becoming more defined.  I can see why now… so many people don’t make it to the end…. It’s tough!  It’s tough physically in the beginning… but it gets tougher when your head gets in the way.

I keep telling myself… keep pushing play.  Keep sharing on the blog… because people out there are reading and they’re looking for inspiration.

Nothing new to report in this workout other than… My heads playing tricks on me.


  1. I’ve been reading your write-ups since I started and I find them quite entertaining.
    At this point in time I am not board yet at all. On the contrary , I am enthusiastic to press play more than ever because of the fact I can do things easier now than 2 / 3 weeks ago.
    To think that I couldn’t get through the workouts then and now I am borderline breezing through them is very encouraging.
    Either way, I look forward to taking my T-25 Journey with your write-ups hand in hand!

    – Sam Sutton

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