Focus T25 Workout Review Day 2 Speed 1.0

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 2 Speed 1.0: . So today I completed day 2 of T25.  It was extremely difficult to start my workout today.  I was very surprised at how sore I was since I didn’t go full speed on day 1.  I only did modified moves the entire time.  My body is definitely not use to the various movements that Shaun T has me doing in these workouts.  T25 requires a lot of hopping, jumping, bouncing, lunging, lateral movements etc.

Sad to say, my body was only use to walking up and down stairs, sitting down at my desk and sleeping.  But, no complaining, or whining.  Need to push through the pain and complete this program.  I decided to document this journey not so much for someone else out there to read, but more for me to document my journey for myself.  My goal is to finish this program 58 days from now and look back at these journal entries to see how far I’ve come.

If by chance you do come across this post and read it that you can possibly relate as you go through your own fitness journey with T25.  I’m by no means a fitness expert, nor a gym rat… I’m just a regular guy that has a fitness goal and looking for ways to get back into shape without having to leave the comfort of my home.

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Focus T25 Workout Review Day 2 Speed 1.0

Alright, so day 2!  Shaun T provides a new workout routine that is very different from the first day’s video “Cardio.”  Speed 1.0 was actually a fun workout.  Shaun T included punches and incorporated some stretches into this workout.  (YES!!!)  I guess he knew that I would be really sore from yesterday’s workout so he knew that that I needed to stretch.

I stretched last night before I went to bed, stretched this morning, before and after the workout and I’m still sore.  I know that eventually the soreness will fade once my body gets use to these workout routines.  As mentioned before Speed 1.0 incorporates punching which I liked.  We did side lateral jumps that ended with uppercuts and left/right hooks.  These punches although don’t look tough they actually give you a great core workout.

The music in Speed 1.0 is actually really good.  It’s got a great beat and matches well the exercise rhythm.  We also do some fancy footwork in this routine.  Shaun T works your inner calves and thighs by having you do cross-feet moves.  There were moments in this workout where I felt like I was dancing.

So far these workouts have a lot of cardio movements.  I hope that he will incorporate some strength training and upper body exercises because I am hoping to develop some muscle definition along the way.  I had debated between doing P90X3 first or T25 first.  Although, I think P90X3 will give me the weight training that I’m looking for, I decided to start with T25 because my goal is to run a 5k race in month 2.  So I figured that T25 will help build up my leg strength and cardio endurance to handle the 5k.

This workout also did not require any equipment items.  I did purchase some foam cushion workout mats to cover my floor because I have hard wood flooring.  The cushion mats also helps reduce the stress of the frequent jumps on my legs.

I’ve been working out with running shoes, but is starting to consider that I need to workout in cross-trainers.  The side to side lateral movements need stability and support that my running shoes can’t provide.

The hardest part after the workout is to resist the urge to eat unhealthy food.  This morning I ate a scrambled egg with avocados and a multigrain flat bread.  For lunch, I had a protein shake and some almonds.  This was a challenge for me because I normal start my day with coffee and sugary cereal.  I also like to eat fast-food burgers and fries for lunch.

My doctor says I have really high cholesterol and need to change my eating habits and start exercising.  This is another reason why I started this T25 workout because of my cholesterol levels.  One thing I do notice is that I have more energy throughout the day.  I usually get sleepy by 9pm, but I had no problem staying up to 11:30pm last night.  I’ve also been forcing myself to drink more water to keep my body and muscles hydrated.

So at this point, I’m just focusing on one day at a time.  Tomorrow I am going to focus on completing day 3.  Not quite sure what Shaun T has in stored for tomorrow, but I keep telling myself… “it’s just 25 minutes.”  I survived day 2 of Focus T25 Speed 1.0.

So after clicking the publish button, I just checked to see what was on the T25 calendar for tomorrow and it says it’s “Total Body Circuit” sounds like I’m going to get the upper body workout that I was looking for.

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  1. Nala Sal says:

    yes so true, I just finished 2nd day yesterday and the muscles sore was so painful but today as its the 3rd day the pain became less, looking forward to finish today’s part before reading your review of it.

  2. Remie Ferreira says:

    Just starting reading your posts.
    I start today
    Daughters wedding 2 months away
    Gotta fit into the tux?
    Here goes!

  3. How are you doing?! I just started yesterday

    • Anthony Tran says:

      Hi Lauren, I’m doing well thanks for asking. Congrats on your T25 journey! How do you like it so far?

  4. Angela Simmons says:

    thanks for the review! I just started today and after doing day one I was curios to see what dat 2 is going to be like. hop to see before and after pics!!!! Lets get it! 😉

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