Focus T25 Workout Review Day 3 Total Body Circuit

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 3 Total Body Circuit: .The phrase of the day is “Be careful what you ask for!”  The blogging gods must have heard me because yesterday in my T25 day 2 review I was concerned that I wasn’t getting upper body and strength training from T25.  Well, Shaun T saved the hard stuff for Day 3 Total Body Circuit training.  This workout definitely kicked my butt.  I was starting to wonder why day 2 speed workout had more stretching in the routine.  Today I realized that T25 was just prepping your body for today.

I am definitely still sore from the workouts, but I must say that my energy level is increasing and I’m sleeping better.  I’ve had to stretch out throughout the day because my muscles are still really tight from the past 2 day workouts.  I haven’t been able to keep up with the people on the screen yet.  I’m still focusing on the modified moves that Tanya provides.  My goal was not to be superman on week 1, but rather help get my body use to the routine of working out and getting exposure to the workout routines.

Don’t get me wrong the modified moves definitely kicked my butt, but I know if I had gone 100% and tried to keep up with Shaun T on day 1 and day 2, I wouldn’t have made it to day 3.  I did however challenged my body some more today, but following some of the unmodified movements.  Okay enough about me… let’s talk about the Total Body Circuit workout.

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Focus T25 Workout Review Day 3 Total Body Circuit

The Total Body Circuit workout is definitely what it is.  Shaun T focuses on working your legs, core, and upper body in this routine.  He added push-ups, planks, into this workout routine.  My upper body hadn’t been challenged up to this point, so it was definitely a body shock when he asked me to do several push-ups in each set.  My shoulders and chest were burning!  But, no pain no gain right?!

In this workout he continues to have you do squats and lunges.  I know for a fact that I’m going to have rock solid legs after finishing T25.  Total Body Circuit felt like a combination of Cardio and Speed 1.0.  He also incorporated the punch routines into today’s workout as well, which included jabs and hooks.

A new move that Shaun T introduced was the “Burpie” a movement that has you move from a standing position into a push-up plank position.  This move took some getting use to and if not careful can put some strain on your wrist.  Thus, do the movements slowly at first to train your body.

I definitely suggest doing the movements slow at first, but keeping proper form.  I have injured myself in the past doing the “Insanity” workout at full-speed when my body wasn’t use to it.  I learned my lesson into easing into this workout routine.  My goal is to stick to the Focus T25 schedule on a daily basis and keep improving little by little each day.

Still no equipment is required for this workout and no real stretching warm-ups.  I definitely took 5 minutes on my own to completely stretch out before I pushed the play button.  I also took the time to do the 3 minute cool down routine at the end of this Total Body Circuit workout because I know that I will be sore tomorrow.

I continued to watch what I ate throughout the day.  My breakfast consisted of a banana, a protein bar.  For lunch I had an omelet with mushrooms.  For dinner I’m eating chicken breast with vegetable soup.  I’m not quite sure if this is what is outlined in the T25 Nutrition guide, but I am staying away from fast food and soda.

I’ve also tried to cut down on my sugar intake and only limited myself to a half cup of coffee.  In the past, I tried to follow the programs to the “T” which included me taking measurements, tracking my calories and such, but all of that only overwhelmed me and eventually I stopped working out.  This time around, I decided to just Focus on completing the workout each day and making good eating decisions.  Alright, made it through the 3rd down.  Looking forward to day 4 of Focus T25!

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