Focus T25 Workout Review Day 4 Ab Intervals

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 4 Ab Intervals: . The first 3 days of the T25 workout schedule for me was overcoming physical obstacles… being sore, being out of shape, and having low energy.  But day 4 of the Focus T25 was the mental challenge.  I’ll be honest I was not motivated at all to workout.  My mind was playing games with me… trying to think of ways to give me a way out from not workout out.  But, I fought the urge to be lazy and not do the workout.  But, I kept telling myself…. “Come on…it’s only 25 minutes!”  So I dragged my butt into the small home gym and pushed play.  T25 #pushplay as they say.  So I’m not sure if you’re following this journey or can relate, but I appreciate you taking a few minutes to read this post.  So here is my Focus T25 review.

Focus T25 Day 4 Ab Intervals

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 4 Ab Intervals

Today’s workout was all about abs.  Yup major core exercises, but no traditional crunches here.  The Focus T25 Ab workout was a combination of plank moves, V-Ups, and oblique exercises.  The movements are slow and controlled.  Shaun T tells you to Focus on “Form” and not necessary speed.

We also worked on the lower-back and did some super man drills.  This is basically when you lie on your belly and lift your arms and legs up tightening your lower back like you’re flying like Superman.

In this workout we also do some quick running in place drills to add some light cardio.  We also did some squats to mix things up.  I say the hardest part about this workout is the mental toughness.  You’re body wants to shut-down, but you have to keep telling yourself to push through.

What helped me was periodically glancing at the countdown timer on the screen.  I kept telling myself only 15 minutes left… okay only 10 more minutes…. 5 minutes to go.

25 minutes does go by pretty quickly and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I finish.

Once again, no equipment was required… except comfortable shoes and small 5 x 5 feet workout space.  As for my daily nutrition, I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast (cholesterol free) and drank water.  I had a grilled chicken sandwhich on multigrain bread.  It was tough because I really wanted to eat a burger with fries today.

For dinner I ate El Pollo Loco chicken with corn tortilla and side salad.  Today was definitely a mental tough game.  My soreness is actually get better… or maybe I’m just getting use to it.

Tomorrow is double workout Friday!  Not sure how I can accomplish this.  I think I will have to squeeze a workout in the morning and then later that afternoon.  Or maybe just go for the entire hour.   Yikes!  But, after that I get the weekend to relax.

Just focusing on one day at a time.  Hopefully I will be writing my journal entry of day 60!  Thanks for checking out my review of T25 day 4.  I also signed up for a free Team Beachbody account.  It’s pretty exciting because this Spring they are planning to release an online streaming membership program where you can all of the Beachbody workout programs for a monthly subscription.  This will be great because you won’t have to worry about DVD’s anymore and you can stream the videos on your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet.  It will definitely make working out when you travel easier.

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