Focus T25 Workout Review Day 5 Lower Focus

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 5 Lower Focus: I knew today’s workout schedule was going to be tricky to manage.  Friday’s are scheduled for double workouts.  I did manage to do a Lower Focus in the afternoon, and planned to do the second workout in the evening.  On the T25 schedule it doesn’t mention that if you can’t do the double workout on Friday you can do one on Saturday or Sunday to make up for it.  However, I had some plans that came up in the evening… Come on it’s Friday night =)

So I will have to make up the second workout tomorrow.

Focus T25 Day 4 Ab Intervals

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 5 Lower Focus

Lower Focus is all about legs.  We do tons of squats, and calf-raise exercises in this workout.  My legs were definitely burning in this routine.  I know one thing for sure is that I will definitely have toned legs after finishing the T25 program.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to jump a little higher too!  I feel pretty good that I’m almost done with week 1 of the T25 program.  Can’t fall of the routine this time.  Gotta stay focused!

This workout will definitely get your heart pumping, because your legs are large muscles and they are going to be getting a solid workout.  Once again, no equipment required, and just 25 minutes as promised.  Not much else to report today.  I did manage to eat healthy with a oatmeal and banana in the morning, protein shake for lunch and some sushi rolls for dinner.  Alright, gotta get some rest and ready for tomorrow.


  1. Is there a recommended amount of time to rest between the double sessions? I do them back-to-back without rest, except time to change the discs. But just want to make sure that’s not overdoing things?!

    • Rob Gregg says:

      Great Question. It is really down to the individual. The main thing is listening to your body. If it feels too much then maybe a longer rest is better. If you can handle it then just a short break as you are doing is fine, but no one in the world knows when enough is enough for YOU, so listen to your body and pay attention to the changes – the last thing you want is an injury. Like a runner who has been running 5 miles and wants to push it to 8 miles. Try, listen, Look after/pay attention to your body. Workout Smart.

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