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Congratulations you decided to take on the Insanity Workout challenge.  Day 1 consists of the Insanity Fit Test.  The Insanity Fit Test starts off with Shaun T’s introduction “Dig Deeper.”  He provides a quick overview of Max Interval Training.  Max Interval Training is the secret behind Insanity’s success.  Providing and intense workout in quick bursts with little rest, which keeps your heart rate up and your body constantly burning calories.

Insanity Fit Test Worksheet

Insanity Fit Test Worksheet

Shaun T’s Quick Tips to Surviving Insanity

1.  Consult Your Physician:  Before starting any kind of new workout program it is advised to consult with your physician to ensure that the fitness program is right for you.

2.  Never Sacrifice Form:  It is easy to lose proper form when your body is tired during your workout.  However, it is important to never sacrifice form because it could lead to injuries.

3.  Rest Only When Needed:  It is important to rest, but only when you absolutely need to.  In order to maximize your workout you need to keep the rests to a minimum or as instructed by Shaun T.

4.  Stop if You Feel Pain:  There is a difference from feeling pain from being sore and feeling pain because you injured yourself.  Only you know your body best and can determine if your pain is just from workout or actual pain from injury.

5.  Wear Cross-Trainers:  Proper shoes is key to surviving.  Make sure you wear shoes that fit well and feel comfortable.  There is nothing worse than being sidelined from workout because of feet blisters because you didn’t wear the proper shoes.

6.  Drink Lots of Water:  When you are working out with Insanity you will be sweating a lot and you need to keep your body properly hydrated to prevent cramps and dehydration.

7.  Use Your Results & Recovery Formula: This helps refuel, re-energize and reduce muscle soreness.  Click Here to learn more.

8.  Fuel Your Body:  Eat proper nutrition to provide the essential vitamins to help you not only burn fat, but also build lean muscle.  The Insanity Nutrition Guide provides you healthy recipes and tips to eat right while working out.

9.  Dig Deeper:  Insanity is 80% mental and 20% physical.  There will be times when your body wants to quit, this is when you have to “Dig Deeper” and push yourself mentally to find that inner strength to keep going.

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Insanity Workout Core Form

1.  Jumps:  Is a plyometrics movement used by athletes.  This will help strengthen your lower body and give you that explosive movement to help you with all aspects of sports and exercise.  This will workout your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.  Make sure you land softly and bend your knees to prevent injuries.

2.  Squats:  Is the foundation movement in the Insanity Workout program.  The proper form is to keep your feet facing forward and a bit wider than shoulder width apart.  By bending your knees and sitting down your butt you will workout your quads and hamstrings and glutes.  The key is to not drop your butt farther than parallel to the floor.

3.  Plank:  Is the starting position of a push-up and many core moves in the Insanity Workout.  It is important to keep your back straight and do not allow your butt to stick in the air, squeeze your abdominal muscles to support your lower back.  Hands are a little wider than your shoulders.

4.  C-Sit:  This is a great position to work your core and abs without doing traditional sit-ups.  This will be the starting position for many ab exercises like the “Flutter kick” and “Scissors.”

Start Insanity Fit Test to Track Your Progress

Make sure you do the Insanity Fit Test before your start the Insanity Workout program.  The Insanity Fit Test allows you to track your progress and helps you work on the core exercises of the Insanity Workout.  The Insanity Workout is a 60 day program and you will be able to see amazing results.  You will need to perform the Insanity Fit Test every 2 weeks to track your progression.

How Long is The Insanity Fit Test?

The Insanity Fit Test takes about 25 minutes from start to finish.  The Insanity Fit Test does include a warm-up and cool-down during the 25 minute duration.

The warm up consists of jogging in place, jumping jacks, the Heisman, 1-2-3 Heisman, butt-kicks, high knees, mummy kicks, and stretching.  The Insanity Fit Test consists of performing each exercise to get as many reps as you can in 1-minute.

Equipment Needed for Insanity Fit Test

1.  Pen and Paper: to jot down your results on the Insanity Fit Test worksheet.

2.  Towel: to wipe off sweat and keep the floor dry

3.  Water Bottle: to keep proper hydration

4.  Cross-Training Shoes: to provide proper support

5.  Workout Clothes: preferable shorts and T-shirts that are drt-fit

6.  Heart Rate Monitor: to get your body to the right heart rate to get optimal results.

7.  DVD and TV: or Laptop computer to play the Insanity Fit Test Video

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Insanity Fit Test Exercises

1.  Switch Kicks – it is important to squeeze your abdominal muscles during this exercise to keep the strain off your lower back.

2.  Power Jacks – this is similar to a jumping jack with a squat combined.  Tip is to keep knees over ankles.

3.  Power Knees – keeps abs engaged while bringing knees to chest.

4.  Power Jumps – make sure you land softly and bend knees to help reduce impact on legs and knees.

5.  Globe Jumps – keep knees over ankles to prevent injuries.  Use your arms to help you jump to your next position.

6.  Suicide Jumps – keep core tight and focus on good form.

7.  Push-up Jacks – a combination of a push up and jumping jack.

8.  Low Plank Oblique – use a towel on the floor to keep you from sliding while performing this exercise.

The Insanity Fit Test is the first step and the last step of the Insanity Workout Schedule.  You will be amazed at your progress and fit test results compared from day 1 to day 60.  Remember “Dig Deeper” and wishing you the best.


  1. I bought insanity from a dude at work but i dont have the first disc will i still get the same results. What wwrk out should i replace it with

    • Anthony Tran says:

      Hi Tom the Fit Test has similar exercises you can do those same workouts at a higher intensity and longer interval to get the same workout in.

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