P90X3 Workout Schedule and Calender Workout

“P90X3 Workout Schedule” calendar is provided to you when you purchase the P90X3 Workout program.  But, just in case you have misplaced the workout schedule calendar I have outlined it here for you.  You can also bookmark this page and come back to it anytime to see what is on the P90X3 Workout Schedule for the day.

The P90X3 Workout schedule below is the exact same schedule that is provided when you purchase P90x3.  However, you can always modify it to suit your needs.  If you’re body is not up for the workout routine, skip a routine, or do a modified workout.

The important thing is to keep going.  Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.  In fact, giving your body a rest from time is a not a bad idea as it will allow your body to recover and repair those muscle fibers from the previous days workout.

P90X3 Workout Calendar Month 1 (Block 1)

The P90X3 workout schedule is designed to give you a different workout routine each day.  The idea of “muscle confusion” originated from P90X and has carried through to P90X3.  This allows you to rest certain muscles that were worked out the day prior and help you concentrate on different muscle groups each day.  Your body is constantly guessing and thus working hard each day.  This also prevents you from getting any injuries because you don’t workout the same muscles in two consecutive days.  Just focus on pushing play each day and you will start to see your body transform.  Also, don’t forget to record your body measurements and take your before photos so that you can show off to your friends how much weight you lost and muscles you gained from doing this program.  To help make things easier lets assume that you started the workout program on a Monday and the week ended on Sunday.

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 1

Monday Day 1:  Total Synergistics

Tuesday Day 2:  Agility X

Wednesday Day 3:  X3 Yoga

Thursday Day 4:  The Challenge

Friday Day 5:  CVX

Saturday Day 6:  The Warrior

Sunday Day 7:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 2

Monday Day 8:  Total Synergistics

Tuesday Day 9:  Agility X

Wednesday Day 10:  X3 Yoga

Thursday Day 11:  The Challenge

Friday Day 12:  CVX

Saturday Day 13:  The Warrior

Sunday Day 14:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 3

Monday Day 15:  Total Synergistics

Tuesday Day 16:  Agility X

Wednesday Day 17:  X3 Yoga

Thursday Day 18:  The Challenge

Friday Day 19:  CVX

Saturday Day 20:  The Warrior

Sunday Day 21:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 4 (Transition Week)

Monday Day 22:  Isometrix

Tuesday Day 23:  Dynamix

Wednesday Day 24:  Accelerator

Thursday Day 25:  Pilates X

Friday Day 26:  CVX

Saturday Day 27:  X3 Yoga

Sunday Day 28:  Rest or Dynamix (Take Photos and Body Measurements)

P90X3 Workout Calendar Month 2 (Block 2)

In month 2 of the P90X3 schedule you will be introduced to some new workout DVD’s.  By this time, your body will be ready for the new challenge and you have probably gotten into a nice workout routine.  The best part with these workouts is they are still only 30 minutes a day.  Thus, you can just focus on getting through the workout in a short time period.

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 5

Monday Day 29:  Eccentric Upper

Tuesday Day 30:  Triometrics

Wednesday Day 31:  X3 Yoga

Thursday Day 32:  Eccentric Lower

Friday Day 33:  Incinerator

Saturday Day 34:  MMX

Sunday Day 35:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 6

Monday Day 36:  Eccentric Upper

Tuesday Day 37:  Triometrics

Wednesday Day 38:  X3 Yoga

Thursday Day 39:  Eccentric Lower

Friday Day 40:  Incinerator

Saturday Day 41:  MMX

Sunday Day 42:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 7

Monday Day 43:  Eccentric Upper

Tuesday Day 44:  Triometrics

Wednesday Day 45:  X3 Yoga

Thursday Day 46:  Eccentric Lower

Friday Day 47:  Incinerator

Saturday Day 48:  MMX

Sunday Day 49:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 8 (Transition Week)

Monday Day 50:  Isometrix

Tuesday Day 51:  Dynamix

Wednesday Day 52:  Accelerator

Thursday Day 53:  Pilates X

Friday Day 54:  CVX

Saturday Day 55:  X3 Yoga

Sunday Day 56:  Rest or Dynamix (Take Photos and Body Measurements)

P90X3 Workout Calendar Month 3 (Block 3)

Congratulations you are 2/3 through the P90X3 workout program.  You should be proud of yourself because most people don’t even make it through month 1.  The fact, that you made it this far shows that you are very dedicated and motivated to get some fitness results.  I’m sure if you made it this far you will have also started to notice your body physique changing and sculpting into that fitness body that you have always wanted.  Let’s finish the P90X3 workout schedule strong with some great workouts.  In month 3 you will notice that on some days you will have the choice between 2 different workouts.  You can select the fitness workout that you enjoy the most and do that one for the day.  Alright keep pushing play!  You only have a few weeks left until you have completed the program.

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 9

Monday Day 57:  Decelerator

Tuesday Day 58:  Agility X

Wednesday Day 59:  The Challenge or Complex Upper

Thursday Day 60:  X3 Yoga

Friday Day 61:  Triometrics

Saturday Day 62:  Total Synergistics or Complex Lower

Sunday Day 63:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 10

Monday Day 64:  Decelerator

Tuesday Day 65:  MMX

Wednesday Day 66:  Eccentric Upper

Thursday Day 67:  Triometrics

Friday Day 68:  Pilates X

Saturday Day 69:  Eccentric Lower

Sunday Day 70:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 11

Monday Day 71:  Decelerator

Tuesday Day 72:  Agility X

Wednesday Day 73:  The Challenge or Complex Upper

Thursday Day 74:  X3 Yoga

Friday Day 75:  Triometrics

Saturday Day 76:  Total Synergistics or Complex Lower

Sunday Day 77:  Rest or Dynamix

P90X3 Workout Schedule: Week 12

Monday Day 78:  Decelerator

Tuesday Day 79:  MMX

Wednesday Day 80:  Eccentric Upper

Thursday Day 81:  Triometrics

Friday Day 82:  Pilates X

Saturday Day 83:  Eccentric Lower

Sunday Day 84:  Rest or Dynamix

P90x3 Workout Schedule: Week 13 (Victory Week)

Monday Day 85:  Isometrix

Tuesday Day 86:  Accelerator

Wednesday Day 87:  Pilates X

Thursday Day 88:  X3 Yoga

Friday Day 89:  Dynamix

Saturday Day 90:  Rest or Dynamix

Sunday Day 91:  Final Fit Test (Take “After” Photos and Body Measurements)

Wow!  Congratulations on achieving a great milestone.  Not many people can say that they have completed P90X3.  The fact that you did it says a lot about you as a person.  Don’t forget to take some after photos and show them off to your friends and family.  You worked hard to get this new body and you should be proud.  People often ask what they should do after they have completed the program.  I suggest going through another cycle as fitness is most-likely a part of your daily life now.  Don’t let it stop here… keep going.

Don’t forget to bookmark the P90x3 Workout Schedule page for future reference.

I wish you much success with your P90x3 Workout Program.

I hope that this P90x3 Workout Schedule and Calendar was helpful to keep you stay on track with your fitness goals.


  1. Does this workout get me bigger because I am skinny?

    • Hi Tony, tanks for your message. Getting bigger is a mixture of working out, and eating the right foods, weight training and other things. These workouts are more about losing weight, toning up, being stronger but not necessarily getting BIGGER. That is a different approach that you will have to research further. There are always ways to use these workouts as a combination to get bigger.

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