Insanity Workout Review

Anyone expecting an easy workout should be warned by the name “Insanity” in the title of the program.  The Insanity Workout program may be the toughest program created.  Any “Insanity Workout review” is going to mention the extremely strenuous pace of the workout, this one included.  The Insanity Workout is the hardest cardio-based workout on the market.  Insanity was created by Beachbody the same company that brought you P90X and TurboFire.

People all over the United States are taking the 60 Day Insanity Challenge.  However, if you can’t stick to a 60 day schedule don’t worry the program is a home workout DVD program so you can basically do it at your own pace, when you want, and where ever you want.  Any workout is better than no workout I say.  Just push play and follow the workouts the best you can and surely your body will start naturally receiving results.

The Insanity Workout consists of a set of 10 DVDs, a Insanity Nutrition Guide, Insanity Workout Schedule, Insanity Fit Test worksheet,  and a quick start guide.  Users of the program are expected to workout six of seven days.  Each workout takes between 35-70 minutes to complete.

During each three-minute Insanity workout, the user moves quickly between exercises, with little rest in between a terminology known as “Max Interval Training.”  Each Insanity Workout review agrees this is the most difficult portion of the program.

The Insanity Workout lasts 60 days.  (Plus a weeek of recovery in between month 1 and 2).  It can be used repeatedly until fitness and health goals are reached.  Or when you graduate from Insanity you can try out “Insanity the Asylum.”

The Insanity Workout Review:

After the first month is completed, there is a one week recovery interval.  During this week, those on the program participate in a daily core balance and cardio workout.  This Insanity Workout review must note, month two is more difficult and strenuous than month one.

Insanity Workout Review of Each DVD:

Disc 1.  Insanity Workout Review:  Dig Deeper & Fit Test (30 minutes)

Disc 2.  Insanity Workout Review:  Plyometric Cardio Circuit (40 minutes)

Disc 3.  Insanity Workout Review:  Cardio Power and Resistance (40 minutes)

Disc 4.  Insanity Workout Review:  Cardio Recovery and Max Recovery (80 minutes)

Disc 5.  Insanity Workout Review:  Pure Cardio and Abs (40 minutes)

Disc 6.  Insanity Workout Review:  Cardio Abs (20 minutes)

Disc 7.  Insanity Workout Review:  Core Cardio and Balance (40 minutes)

Disc 8.  Insanity Workout Review:  Max Interval Circuit (60 minutes)

Disc 9.  Insanity Workout Review:  Max Interval Plyo (55 minutes)

Disc 10.  Insanity Workout Review:  Max Cardio Conditioning and Abs (55 minutes)

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A Typical Insanity Workout:

Each workout begins with a basic warm-up.  During the warm-up, users jog in place, perform jumping jacks, jump from side-to-side and perform different kicks repeatedly.  This warm-up is followed with stretching.  The warm-up is strenuous and leaves those not in top physical form gasping for air.

After the warm-up and stretching, Shaun T immediately gets you started with the Insanity Workout of the day.  The high intensity Max Interval Training is intense so go at your own pace.  Do not feel that you have to keep up with Shaun T and his team when you first start off.  You can push “pause” take rest breaks, stretch and drink water as necessary.  As the weeks go by and your cardio conditioning improves then you will be able to keep up with the video.  After the Insanity workout which usually last 20-40 minutes depending on the video you will end the workout with a cool-down stretch routine.  The workout format is pretty much industry standard: warm-up, workout, cool-down.

Positives of the Insanity Workout:

1.  The Workouts are Intense:  You might be wondering why is this a good thing?  Well, if the workouts were too easy then you would not be able to get a good workout.  The workouts are designed to burn up to 1,000 calories per session.  You would have to workout for a couple hours at the gym to get the same results.  If the user is already in shape, this program still provides an intense workout.  Devised to help users lose fat and gain cardiac fitness, the program delivers what it promises.

2.  Its a DVD Workout Program:  The Insanity Workout program is performed in the privacy of the user’s home, so there are no worries of embarrassment in front of other people.  The fact that you can use the workout program is on a DVD format is great because you can literally use it anywhere.  You can bring the DVDs where ever you go, so if you are business traveler its great because you can just play the DVDs in your hotel or at the gym.

3.  Shaun T is Entertaining:  The creator of the program, Shaun T., is encouraging and easily understood.  He is motivational without sounding mechanical.  Some fitness instructors on video can sound annoying.  Shaun T has a smooth approach but intense enough to keep you going.  You get pumped up during each workout.

4.  No Workout Equipment Required:  There are no weights, mats or additional equipment to purchase.  Everything needed is included in the DVD set.  Unlike some workout programs the Insanity is true cardio.  As long as you have a small space you and a DVD player you are good to go.  I know some people who workout using their laptop to play the videos.  Some things you may want to consider investing in but is not required are:  cross-training shoes, heart-rate monitor, dri-fit gym clothes, water bottle, and a workout towel.

5.  Free Insanity Nutrition Guide:  The Insanity nutrition plan enclosed with the program stresses the importance of getting enough calories within each meal to support the intense workout and training.  The plan provides users with equations to help them calculate the number of calories needed daily.  The Insanity Nutrition Guide is easy to use.  They have recipes and pictures provided to help you understand the right foods to eat.

6.  Insanity Workout Schedule of 60 Days:  One of the great things about the Insanity Workout Schedule is the timeline.  Some workout programs require you to do the program for 90 days or more.  With Insanity most people can fathom giving themselves a 2 month goal.  Its short enough that can be easily achieved.  Most people after 60 days do continue to workout because they have been accustomed to the daily routine of working out.  If you choose to continue a healthy lifestyle, Shaun T created the sequel to Insanity called “The Asylum.”

7.  Offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee:  If you buy from the official Beachbody website you get a 60 Day Full Refund (minus shipping and handling).  So there is no risk if you buy the Insanity Workout program.  You could literally workout for a couple weeks and if you didn’t like the results you could return the program.

8.  Insanity Workout Results:  One of the reasons that people all over the world love the Insanity Workout is the results that you get after you finish the program.  The total body transformation is amazing.  The Insanity videos speak for themselves.

Negatives of the Insanity Workout:

1.  High Impact Workouts:  The Insanity Workout requires a lot of jumping and running which could be tough on the knees, and joints.  Those with muscular, joint or bone limitations, i.e., those suffering from degenerative back disease, rheumatoid arthritis or spinal, lower back and neck problems should consult with your physician before using Insanity.

2.  Requires Dedication:  The Insanity Workout program is not a “quick fix.” Users must devote time and energy to the program to achieve success.  Only users with a large amount of determination and dedication will be able to successfully complete the program.

3.  No Weight Training:  The program does not involve strength training so those users hoping to “bulk up” or gain weight will be disappointed.  The Insanity Workout program is a cardio based workout.

4.  No More Junk Food:  One of the toughest parts of following the Insanity Nutrition Guide is changing your diet.  Most people are accustomed to eating fast food and meals that have high preservatives.  Reducing the amount of junk food in your diet might be tough for some people.  However, after working out your body won’t crave this type of food.

Insanity Workout Program Tips:

Warm-Up Properly – The Insanity Workout Program is very intense to say the least, thus you need to warm-up your body correctly. Never workout in the morning with a cold-start as you will risk the fact of getting injured by pulling a muscle.

Go at Your Own Pace – When you first start working out to the Insanity Workout Program it is important that you take things slow. Workout at your own pace to avoid injuries and burnout. Do not try to keep up with the workout DVD’s when you are first starting out. You have to remember that Shaun T and his team are graduates of the program so they are well trained and conditioned.

Stretch-out Often – Chances are you body has never performed these types of fitness moves before, thus it is important that you stretch out properly before and after the Insanity Workout. Make sure you stretch out before you go to bed so that your body and muscles are not tight when you are sleeping.

Accountability Partner – One of the hardest things about working out to a program like Insanity at home is the lack of support and motivation. Essentially you have to self-motivate yourself. Having an accountability partner will help you push you through the workouts on the days when you don’t feel like working out at all.

Insanity Workout Equipment Requirements:

Workout Towel – With any high-intensity workout you’re going to sweat a lot. You will need a good workout towel to make sure that you lie on or wipe your face and arms when your body starts to heat up.

Yoga Mat – Some of the workout routines will also have you on the floor, thus you will need a good workout mat to help protect you from slipping and will provide you some support with a layer of cushion.

Water Bottle – Water and hydration during a workout is vital to your health. You will be sweating a lot and will need water to rehydrate you and keep your muscles from cramping up.

Cross Training Shoes – Wearing the proper workout shoes can prevent you from getting injured. Running shoes are not the right type of shoes for this workout because they are made for moving vertical. Cross training shoes provide support for forward and lateral movements.

Heart-Rate Monitor – In order to maximize your workout you need to be hitting your target heart rate. A heart rate monitor will be able to notify you when you are in the right zone and when you are over the zone.

Insanity Workout Review Conclusion:

Users in good physical health will find the program increases their cardiovascular endurance.  Those following the program as designed will lose weight and get into shape.  Those wanting to do the program, but not in shape, should ease into the program and slowly increase their intensity.  Overall, the program works for those who are good at following directions and following through with their commitment.  So just keep “pushing play” and “dig deeper” when the times are tough.  YOU CAN get through the Insanity program.  Hope you enjoyed this Insanity Workout Review.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is the Insanity Workout Return Policy?

Answer:  Beachbody offers a 60 Day Full Refund Money Back Guarantee.  Simply contact their customer service 1(800) 207-0420 or email them at ask for an Return Authorization number then ship the product back to Beachbody.


  1. Hi there, do I just keep repeating each disc over and over? Because it is only ten discs, I just want to make sure I’m not missing something! (I’m very new)

    • At first that is exactly what you can do. Then there are other more intensive workouts you can try like P90x or insanity

  2. liam garner says:

    This is a very good workout I’m just wondering is there 10 discs in the complete set becausei have 14 some reason?

    • Anthony Tran says:

      Hi Liam, the Insanity Workout program comes with a standard disc. However, it seems as if you purchased the Insanity Deluxe package that comes with an additional 4 workouts, which is Awesome!

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