Focus T25 Workout Review Day 10 Speed 1.0

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 10 Speed 1.0:  Alright my favorite workout Speed 1.0.  The combination of punching and high energy movements gets me fired up.  On Sunday I was feeling restless because it was my “rest” day, but the interesting thing was I actually “missed working-out”  I can’t believe I’m actually saying that.  But, I guess when you’re body is use to working out 5 days a week when you don’t workout you feel like your day is off.  I’ve heard of people saying that, but I never quite understood what they meant.  It was 11:30pm and I had so much energy and couldn’t sleep.  I think it’s because my body is so use to expending a certain amount of energy and burning calories during the workout that when I hadn’t worked out for the day it put my body for a loop.

It felt good to workout today.  I can definitely feel my body getting stronger and I’m getting more flexibility in my legs.  My wife for the first time mentioned today that she noticed some definition in my chest and shoulders.  I guess all those push-ups and plank drills are really paying off.  I’ll take this as a small win in the right direction.  I’ve also been trying to make better decisions with my diet.  Instead of eating my favorite Peanut Butter Crunch cereal which is filled with sugar, I’ve switched to Chex-Mix.  I also replaced eating white rice with brown rice.

I’ve also started adding a protein shake in the morning with a banana.  I’m not a nutritionist but I heard that bananas help with muscle cramps.  I’ve noticed that my body soreness after workouts are not that bad anymore.  I think the hardest part of working out is disciplining your self to eat healthy.

Frozen chicken breast has been my best friend.  I cook a large batch and put it in tupperware so whenever I get hungry I can grab a piece and chop it up and put in salads or eat with some brown rice.  It’s a great source of protein throughout the day.  Overall after a couple workouts I can start to see some difference in my body and how I ultimately feel.

Focus T25 Day 10 Speed 1.0

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 10 Speed 1.0

Speed 1.0 as mentioned is my favorite workout.  I like the punch routines and the small pauses in the workout to stretch.  I can definitely feel a difference in my ability to do squats, and lunges.  I’m also started to develop more of a rhythm in the workout because I’m familiar with the workout routine.  I remember my first week I felt like a fish out of water, because I didn’t know the routines and didn’t feel coordinated.

Now I feel comfortable starting the workout because I know what to expect and know that I’ve finished the workout before.  I think the hardest part during this stage for me is slowly pushing myself harder during each workout.  I try to challenge myself to do less modified movements and try to take less breaks inbetween each exercise.  Slow and steady progress I keep reminding myself.

It’s still to early to tell if I’ve achieved any weight loss and muscle gain, but I am starting to like what I see in the mirror.  I’m proud of myself because I was tempted with a large piece of chocolate cake at a banquet dinner I attended.  I wanted to eat the cake really bad because I have a major sweet tooth.  But, I told myself don’t waste a good workout on a piece of cake.  I’m glad to say that I avoided the dessert table and ate a sensible portion.  Thanks for following my journey and hope you’re seeing great progress too.  Keep pushing play and I will too!

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 9 Total Body Circuit

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 9  Total Body Circuit: So I’m back on track after I received some emails and comments on the blog that people were following my journey.  Originally I started this blog to document my fitness journey for myself not knowing if anyone would read or care about what I had to say.  However, people commented that they found my daily blogs about my T25 workout schedule helpful.  Maybe the found that they can relate to it, or that they were looking ahead to see what was in store for them.  I also found that writing this helped keep me accountable, and now more importantly readers of the blog were keeping me accountable.

Last night, after a long day of work I found the motivation to start my workout of Total Body Circuit.  I didn’t exactly feel pumped-up for it… but I kept thinking to myself there are other people that are following my journey and I didn’t want to let them down.  So I pushed through and glad that I did.  It felt good to work out and it helped alleviate some stress that I had accumulated throughout the day.  For those of you who are reading this… THANK YOU for the encouragement and thank you for supporting me on this journey.

Focus T25 Day 8 Cardio

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 9 Total Body Circuit

Total Body Circuit absolutely kicked my butt the first week.  But, I’m glad to say that my strength and flexibility has increased as I found myself able to do exercises that I couldn’t do before.  The combination of push-ups, lunges and punches all seem more natural to me now.  Shaun T asks you to do side-upper cuts, lunges that transition into squats, and jab punches that have you moving side to side.  I think the hardest part of this workout is the plank walks that lead into push-ups.  These planks not only work on your upper body strength but also your core.

Once again, no equipment was needed except some comfortable shoes, and workout towel.  The next day soreness has seemed to subside.  I don’t feel as much pain walking up and down the stairs.  Some people have asked if I can tell a difference and I think it’s too early to say.

I’ve avoided the weight scale and just focused on how my body feels.  I definitely can say that I sleep much better even though I’m sleeping the same amount of hours per day which is about 6-7, but I can tell that I’m falling into a deeper sleep.  How do I know this?  Well, my wife said that my alarm clock was going off for 30 minutes yesterday and I didn’t even notice it.  Also, I have more energy when I wake up in the morning.

This is all encouraging because I have to keep staying focused that this is not a sprint but rather a marathon and that I just need to focus on what I can do each day.  25 minutes… I’m in and I’m out.  I have adjusted my diet to eat more fruits to include bananas, apples, tangerines and egg whites.

One thing I know I need to do is drink more water, but it’s hard to give up the coffee and tea.  I think what I need to do is have a water bottle at my desk while I work so that I can just take sips throughout the day.  I think that will be easier for me versus forcing myself to drink full cups at each sitting.

My flexibility has definitely increased.  I can step farther on my lunges and squat lower between each reps.  Anyways, glad to get back in the swing of things.  Keep it going and thanks for following this journey with me.

Where have I been? Did I fall off the wagon? Read to find out…

Hey guys!

It’s been a little over a month since my last blog post.  It’s been a crazy past few weeks and to be honest I stopped blogging because part of me felt like I needed to just focus on working out and not having the pressure of keeping up with the blog too.  I didn’t continue working out after Day 8 for about a week, but then I fell off the wagon.  So disappointed in myself… what happened was I let one day missed workout, turned into 2, and then 3.  Once I got off rhythm I felt discouraged.

In addition to falling off the wagon, my business got really busy.  Which is a good thing.  You see, I am website designer and I found myself working around the clock to keep up with customer demand.  As a result, I let my workout routine go to the waist side.

I know not a really good excuse, but I have learned that what ever you focus on you get.  I was focusing on getting more clients and got just that.  I am happy to say that I have started working out again for the past two weeks, but was writing about.  My wife and I started working out at a local UFC gym near our house.  The workouts included boxing, kickboxing, etc.  The workouts were tough, but some of the movements were very similar to P90x and T25.  The UFC instructors were surprised to see that I was able to keep up with the workout on my first day.

I chuckled inside knowing that T25 had prepared me somewhat for their workouts.  I didn’t even realize that people were reading my workout blog until some people started commenting and asking where I had been.  This made me realize that my workout journal was more than for myself, but it was also helping others along their journey.

So I’ve decided to continue writing.  I will do my best to stick with the schedule and share my results on this blog.  Thank you all who have been reading and have been supportive.  You guys rock!  Keep it up and we can help each other stay accountable for our fitness.

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 8 Cardio

This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 8 Cardio: Darn my first mess-up!  I was suppose to do a workout over the weekend to make-up for my double Friday workout.  I had all intentions, but I gotta be honest my motivation was simply not there.  After working out 5 days in a row last week my body badly needed some rest.  I was simply burnt-out.  Also, I got occupied with weekend fun and house chores.  I know what you’re saying… NO EXCUSES!  But, I’m back on the saddle today.  Did the “Cardio” workout as indicated by the Focus T25 workout schedule.  I’ve heard some fitness trainers say that if you mess-up don’t loathe over it and beat yourself up too much.  Just keep going.

Focus T25 Day 8 Cardio

Focus T25 Workout Review Day 8 Cardio

T25 Cardio workout routine seems to be the base workout for Alpha.  The reason I say that is Shaun T wanted me to do a Cardio routine with my double day and I did again today.  It’s also on schedule for this week’s Thursday workout.  If you don’t love Cardio… you definitely will have to.  I must say that my first week I couldn’t keep up at all.  I did all modified moves.  However, today I did start to feel better, less sore, and more energy.  I did challenge myself to workout a little bit harder in comparison to last week.

I did about 25% of the movements non-modified.  My goal is to increase my fitness abilities each week.  I’m glad the soreness went away because it was challenging to go up and down stairs.  Now the challenge is the mental motivation to keep pushing play each day.  It’s too early to see any difference in the mirror, but I do notice a difference in my happiness.  When I finish a workout I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  I just keep envisioning what it would feel like to finish at the end of month 2.  I wonder what my fitness level will be like.

I am writing these blog posts to document my journey.  I don’t expect anyone to be reading them… it’s really for my own personal benefit.

The cardio routine is definitely tough on my knees.  Lots of jumping, lunging, and hopping.  However, the impact on the knees is not as bad as the Insanity workout.  Just gotta keep pushing play each day and enjoy the ride.