Focus T25 Workout Review Day 1 Cardio

This is my This is my Focus T25 Workout Review Day 1 Cardio: here.. Today I started my very first day of Focus T25.  I want to start a blog journal of my Focus T25 Workout Review so that I can track my results and share with others who are looking to get in shape with the T25 workout program.  Today is the first workout called “Cardio” but before I dive into the workout routine let me share with you what inspired me to do this.

Yesterday, I was at the Mall shopping with my wife and trying on some new clothes.  (Apparently, my clothes are out-dated and I need to get with the times).  But, as I was trying on clothes and looking in the mirror I didn’t like what I saw.  I hardly recognized myself and wondered what happened to me?  I really let myself go… I’m sure you can relate if you’re married with children.  I think something happens when you get married and have kids that you focus less attention on yourself and more on your family.  This is not necessarily a bad thing for the family, but not taking care of your own health is also not a good thing.  So needless to say… I made a commitment to myself that I would get back into shape starting with the T25 program.

I decided to start with the T25 program because it only requires a commitment of 25 minutes a day.  My usual excuse to myself is that “I don’t have enough time to workout.”  But, with less than 30 minutes I really don’t have an excuse.  It’s also a 2 month program (unless I want to take on the T25 Gamma challenge).  I figure if I can commit myself to an 8 week program that it could change my life.

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Focus T25 Workout Review Day 1 Cardio

As the T25 program outlined this would be only a 25 minute workout program each day.  But, don’t let that fool you as Shaun T really kicks your butt in 25 minutes.  You have the same amount of workout in less time.

The workout starts with a light warm-up, but did not include any stretching time.  (I learned that I need to warm-up and stretch before I start the program).  Shaun T’s warm-up consists of some light jumping jacks, some high-knees, and jogging in place drills.

It was very easy to start as I didn’t need any equipment.  Just some comfortable shoes, a water bottle and a towel to wipe off any sweat.  I clicked “Play” and tried to keep up.

I realized very quickly that these exercises were going to be high impact exercises.  I don’t have the best knees so I decided to follow “Tanya’s” modified movements.

This is one thing I like about the T25 workout program is the ability to perform modified moves.  I haven’t worked out in years and know that if I tried to go 100% the first day I wouldn’t last very long with the program.

Surprisingly, even though I did the modification moves and took it easy in comparison to Shaun T and his workout team, my body could definitely feel the difference.  My legs, thighs, and core started to tighten-up and become sore.

Shaun T also doesn’t give you any breaks during the T25 workout programs, thus if you get tired or need to rest then you just have to click the pause button.  In other workout programs they allow you 30 second breaks in between sets, however I know that Beachbody wanted to compact the workouts as much as possible to give you the best workout in the shortest time.

The T25 Cardio program consisted with a lot of lunge time moves, mini-jumping, and running in place drills.  I liked the fact that the routine didn’t require a lot of floor space as my exercise room isn’t very large.

I still need to read the T25 Nutrition Guide to learn what I can and cannot eat.  I think that’s the hardest part of getting in shape in having to resist the temptation to eat bad food.  I’m a sucker for sweets like Ice-cream and chocolate.  I also like fried-chicken and fries.  So bad… I know.  It’s time to make changes in my life if I want to get healthy and back in shape.

I’m planning on doing my best to stick to the Focus T25 Schedule.  I see that the schedule requires double workouts on Friday.  I may have to split up that exercise and complete one of them on Saturday or Sunday.  But, for now I just need to focus on getting through Day 2 of T25.

It feels good to finally get through the mental hurdle of just starting my first day of T25.  Now looking forward to seeing what’s in store for me in the second day.

Check out what happened on Day 2 Tuesday:  Focus T25 Speed 1.0

Focus T25 Release Date! T25 Now Available

When is the Focus T25 release date”?  You ask…  The time you all have been waiting for Focus T25 has been finally released.  That’s right Focus T25 is available, but only exclusively released to Team Beachbody Coaches.  Luckily for you, Video Workout Review has exclusive resale rights to Focus T-25.

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Team Beachbody hasn’t officially released to the general public and haven’t announced when they plan to show the infomercials.  Rumor has it they want to get some good real testimonials first before they start to air their commercials starting in the winter right before Christmas.  If that is the case, its a great marketing strategy because the hottest time of the year for Fitness products is right after New Years when people are making their New Years Resolution to get back into shape.


Focus T25 is Now Available with Limited Time Bonuses:

1.  Free Shipping and Handling (Limited Time)

2.  Free Bonus DVD “Core Speed” ($19.95 Value)

3.  Be the first one in your neighborhood to get access to T25.

Focus T25 – Only 25 Minutes a Day

Focus T25 is designed for busy people that have limited time to workout.  Don’t worry as Focus T25 won’t require an hour workout… not even half an hour.  Its only 25 minutes people!  That’s right 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week… 100% results.  Forget those days of spending hours at the gym.  This workout will provide you a full-body workout without all the gym equipment.


What is Included with Focus T-25?


Focus T25 ALPHA Cycle

Disc 1:  Cardio. 25 minutes of intense sweat dripping cardio.

Disc 2:  Speed 1.0. As the title sounds, this is all about speed.  Working on quick moves to burn those calories.

Disc 3:  Total Body Circuit. Workout your entire body, strength and agility all in one.

Disc 4:  Ab Intervals. Core workout to chisel out those abs for your beachbody

Disc 5:  Lower Focus. Focus on your lower body to help speed up your metabolism.


Focus T25 BETA Cycle

Disc 6:  Core Cardio. More cardio to define that mid section.

Disc 7:  Speed 2.0. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any faster Shaun T kicks it up a notch.

Disc 8:  Rip’t Circuit. This full body workout will get you absolutely ripped!

Disc 9:  Dynamic Core. This is probably the most intense crazy Ab routine you have ever done.

Disc 10:  Upper Focus. Last time we worked on your lower body.  This time we will focus on the entire upper body.


Focus T25 Bonus Tools

  • Quick-Start Guide. This quick start guide will help you focus on the task ahead.
  • Focus T25 Nutrition Guide. This guide keeps nutrition simple.  Nutrition to fuel your workouts and body.
  • Focus T25 Workout Calendar. You get a free wall-calendar to keep track of your workouts.

Plus, 4 FREE Gifts:

  • Stretch Workout. After your intense workouts.  You body will thank you for this stretch workout routine.
  • 5-Day Fast Track. Get a jump start on your weight loss with this 5-day meal plan. It’s not easy but it works!
  • B-LINES® Resistance Band (15 lb.). Get free resistance bands to add more intensity to your workouts.
  • 24/7 Online Support. You will have access to online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And a FREE Bonus Workout

  • Core Speed. Push hard, burn fat, and get shredded in record time with the FREE bonus workout DVD Core Speed (a $19.95 value) when you order FOCUS T25 through us click this link to buy


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:
Shaun’s so sure you’ll get amazing results with FOCUS T25, he’s giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization number, and return it within 30 days, and he’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling, no questions asked.

Focus T25 Release Date is Finally Here!

Watch Focus T25 here

Focus T25 Shaun T’s New Workout – Preview – NOW AVAILABLE!!

Are you too busy to workout?  Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day to get a good workout in?  I don’t know about you, but working a full-time job and raising a family can sometimes hinder me from fulfilling my fitness goals.  Well, Beachbody has created a new program that will wipe away the most common excuse… “I don’t have enough Time”

Shaun T the creator of Insanity is coming out with a new workout program called “Focus T25“.  Check out this preview video and the behind the scenes video to learn more.

Focus T25 Sneak Peak Preview Video

Focus T25 is Going to be Revolutionary

Focus T25 is going to change the fitness industry in a big way.  Get amazing results in less than 30 minutes a day.  Only 25 minutes to be exact.  Dedicate 25 minutes, 5 days a week and you will get 100% results.

Focus T25 compacts a full hour workout in only 25 minutes!  Just push play and follow the workout program.  Is it going to be intense?  You bet it will… because there are NO REST BREAKS!

So definitely this new workout, is not for the weak at heart.  You have to FOCUS and DIG EVEN DEEPER than before.

Focus T25 Behind the Scenes Video

What Kind of Results Can I Get With T25?

Beachbody brought you P90X and Insanity, so you know that Focus T25 will be bringing you equally impressive fitness results.  So you can expect that Focus T25 will deliver on its promise.  I am sure that Beachbody will be providing a money back guarantee as they always do with all their products.

Focus T25 Workout Results

Focus T25 Workout Results

Focus T25 Created for People with No Time

The Focus T25 was created for people who have busy work schedules.  Beachbody’s CEO Cark Daikeler asked the team to create a workout specifically for him because the man has no time running a big company.  “T” stands for “Time” and 25 equals 25 minutes.  So as you can tell all you need to Focus is 25 minutes of your day to get the body you want.

When is Focus T25 Coming?

They haven’t released the official release date yet.  But, expect Focus T25 to come out Summer 2013. 



Click Here to Learn More About Focus T25

“I use to love long workouts, until I created the lightning-fast Focus T25.” – Shaun T

Are You Ready for Focus T25?

Share this with you friends and family and stay tuned for more information about Focus T25 as it is released.  Let us know how you feel and leave a comment below.  We love to get your feedback.