Insanity Workout Program

Anyone expecting an easy workout should be warned by the name “Insanity” in the title of the program. The Insanity Workout Program was created by Beachbody, the same company that created:

• P90X
• Hip Hop Abs
• Slim in 6
• Power 90

None of the above are easy programs and the Insanity Workout Program may be the toughest program created. Any Insanity Workout review is going to mention the extremely strenuous pace of the workout, this one included. The Insanity workout is the hardest cardio-based workout on the market.

How the Insanity Program Works

The Insanity program is a set of 10 DVDs, a nutrition plan and a progress calendar to track workouts. Users of the program are expected to workout six of seven days. Each workout takes between 35-70 minutes to complete.

Additional items required:

• TV
• DVD player
• a good pair of workout shoes or cross-trainers
• determination and willpower

Beachbody based the workout on “Max Interval Training,” also known as MIT. MIT operates on the principal of working out at a fast, hard pace for at least three minutes, then taking a brief, 30-second rest. Ordinary interval training programs suggest working out for short periods with a long rest period between intervals.

During each three-minute Insanity workout, the user moves quickly between exercises, with little rest in between. Each Insanity Workout review agrees this is the most difficult portion of the program.

Those who are accustomed to shouting, laughing and clapping during a workout soon discover the only noises made during this workout are grunts and groans of exertion.

The Insanity program lasts 60 days. It can be used repeatedly until fitness and health goals are reached. The DVD set consists of:

• Five DVDs containing month one workouts. These are rotated among the first four weeks.
• One recovery DVD used during week five.
• Four DVDs that are used during month two.

About the Insanity Program

The Insanity Program lasts 60 days. Each week, the workout “changes up.” During the first month, there are five difficult-level workouts.

1. The Fit Test
2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit
3. Cardio Power and Resistance
4. Cardio Recovery
5. Pure Cardio

After the first month is completed, there is a one week recovery interval. During this week, those on the program participate in a daily core balance and cardio workout.

This Insanity Workout review must note, month two is more difficult and strenuous than month one. If month one is insanity, then month two is “ready for the asylum.”

The workout intensity is increased during month two with four new workouts.

1. Max Interval Circuit
2. Max Interval Plyo
3. Max Cardio Conditioning
4. Max Recovery

Typical Insanity Workout

Each workout begins with a basic warm-up. During the warm-up, users jog in place, perform jumping jacks, jump from side-to-side and perform different kicks repeatedly. This warm-up is followed with stretching. The warm-up is strenuous and leaves those not in top physical form gasping for air.

While the actual Insanity workout contains no intricate movements, the number and pace of the exercises makes each interval difficult to complete. Most moves in the Insanity program are variations of:

• jumping jacks
• sprints performed in place
• squats
• lunges
• push-ups
• kickboxing moves
• plyometrics

Positives of the Insanity Workout Program

If the user is already in shape, this program still provides an intense workout. Devised to help users lose fat and gain cardiac fitness, the program delivers what it promises.

The program is performed in the privacy of the user’s home, so there are no worries of embarrassment in front of other people. The creator of the program, Shaun T., is encouraging and easily understood. He is motivational without sounding mechanical.

The workouts are very intense, but the user can control the pace and the rest times, if needed, with one touch of the “pause” button on the remote control.

There are no weights, mats or additional equipment to purchase. Everything needed is included in the DVD set.

The nutrition plan enclosed with the program stresses the importance of getting enough calories within each meal to support the intense workout and training. The plan provides users with equations to help them calculate the number of calories needed daily.

Negatives of the Insanity Workout Program

This workout is only geared towards users already in good shape. It is not recommended for users who suffer from:

• cardiovascular issues
• pulmonary problems
• the morbidly obese
• diabetics
• those with muscular, joint or bone limitations, i.e., those suffering from degenerative back disease, rheumatoid arthritis or spinal, lower back and neck problems.

* As always, those starting a new exercise program should check with their family doctor before beginning.*

The Insanity Workout Program is not a “quick fix.” Users must devote time and energy to the program to achieve success. Only users with a large amount of determination and dedication will be able to successfully complete the program.

The program does not involve strength training, so those users hoping to “bulk up” or gain weight will be disappointed. The Insanity Workout Program is a cardio program.

Final Insanity Workout Review

Users in good physical health will find the program increases their cardiovascular endurance. Those following the program as designed will lose weight and get into shape. Those wanting to do the program, but not in shape, should start with a less intense program and work their way up to Insanity. Overall, the program works for those following directions. Insanity is an apt name.


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