Shaun T

Shaun Thompson a.k.a. Shaun T is the Fitness Trainer made popular by his home workout videos “Hip-Hop Abs” and the “Insanity Workout.”  Shaun T was born in Deptford, New Jersey on May 2, 1978 and was a natural athlete growing up.  He enjoyed playing football, baseball and he also ran track and field.

Shaun attended Rowan University, where he received his Bachelors degree in Sports Science and minored in Theater/Dance.  While in college, Shaun T pursued his passion with health and fitness.  He became a personal trainer and a Health Program Manager at Wyeth (Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company).

After Shaun graduated from college he moved to Los Angeles and worked as a hip hop choreographer.  Shaun landed his first big gig working for Mariah Carey as a backup dancer.  Shaun T also worked at Equinox Fitness teaching fitness classes.

Beachbody Discovers Shaun T

One day, a representative from the Beachbody company discovered Shaun T while he was teaching a fitness class.  They approached him with an opportunity and asked him to audition for the company.

He landed the job and created “Hip Hop Abs” dance workout video in 2006.  The video was targeting people who wanted to exercise, dance and get six-pack abs without doing traditional crunches.  The workout video became an instant success and was named the “Top Selling Workout Video in 2007.”

Shaun T found further success famous the Insanity Workout program which launched in 2009.  The Insanity Workout program took the company to new heights as the fitness video sold like hotcakes on their late night infomercials.

Since then, Shaun T has released sequels to the Insanity Workout program with “The Asylum” (2011) and “The Asylum Vol. 2” (2012)

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